Testimonials — See what our patients are saying about their time at our dental practice. 

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Balleza’s for over five years. Being a former dental assistant myself, I’m pretty in tune with the dental practices. I believe that Dr. Balleza is one of the most capable, knowledgeable, and intelligent dentists I’ve come across in years. Her dental practice is precisely up to date with all the latest equipment and her staff are very friendly,kind, and caring. Since I began to see Dr. Balleza, I would never go elsewhere. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a “top notch” dentist. Some of the problems I thought may not be fixable, she very easily restored. My anxiety about going to the dentist is gone; in fact, I look forward to it!
— One very happy patient, Donna J. Pawluk
My family and I have been patients with Dr. Balleza for 8 years now. All three of my kids have gotten braces and the results were just amazing! My kids have a lot of confidence in themselves and their smiles. I, myself, got veneers a few years ago and I am so happy with the results! We are still patients with Dr. Balleza and we will never go anywhere else. They treat us like family. Thank-you.
— Imrana Atick
I am a patient of the Dentist Dr. M.R.Balleza since 2002. I find her work to be top quality, both the technical dentistry and the cosmetic completion results. I had numerous difficult fillings done as well as a complex bridge.

Dr. Balleza has a special gift of using her dental techniques with such a precision and in such a manner that does not cause the patient any discomfort, even when using the most demanding procedures. Obviously that comes from her excellent medical knowledge and her long professional experience. She provides excellent explanations and reasoning for each procedure, supported by photos and x-rays taken on the dental issues. Undoubtedly one has to be a true born-dentist to provide service like that. I did not experience such precise treatment with other dentists in the past.

Her staff at the office deserves also a special mention, as the dental-assistant ladies are very well trained in their medical-dental profession and they do excellent job.
— Andrew (A.J.) Bartosz
We have Dr. Rowena Balleza as our Dentist for thirteen years now. We live in Burnaby and so happy to drive all the way to Surrey to have their excellent service, a very accommodating staff and they always put a big smile in our face after seeing them. This is the dentist that you can trust.
— Carolyn Norada