Dr. Balleza has been involved in dental missions for the past two consecutive years (Feb.2012-2013). She's an active member of Canadian Medical Mission Society (CMMS) a non-profit organization. Dr.Balleza is the current vice-president of CMMS for the year 2013 under the leadership of Dr.Dan Vargas MD (ENT Surgeon) and the presiding President of CMMS.

General Santos, Mindanao Philippines February 2013

Another two week medical-dental mission the following year was held at Mindanao Medical Center hospital in South Cotabato province of Mindanao. A comprehensive Dental treatment and management was performed with Restorative and preventive procedures to patients ages 3 to 25 years . Majority of the indigent patients received Surgical treatment procedures and control of chronic and acute oral infections. The Dental team led by Dr. Balleza was supported by Dr.Eugene Colobong, Dr. Divina McNary, Dr.Lindsay Ho-Chung , two dental hygienists Mel and Lana, an RN Tessie Villanueva and three treatment coordinators Val Balleza, Rick McNary and Edith Colobong, all of whom are from BC, Canada. One local dentist from Manila Dr.Simoun Suguitan volunteered again for the second time along with dental assistant Grace de la Cruz. The dental group had a total of 844 patients treated in that region of the country.

We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to Henry-Schein company in the dental division for the support and sponsorship of the dental equipment,materials and supplies and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Canada that contributed to the success of the two dental missions.


CMMS Mission Statement: "Together, We will Bring Hope for a Better Health!"