Our Dental Assistants 

Lolita Mora

Lolita Mora, Certified Dental Assistant with Orthodontic Module 

Lolita has a Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry from the University of Mexico. She's been working as an experienced Certified Dental Assistant for over 10 years. Lolita went to the University of British Columbia for continuing education program in Orthodontic Module training for Certified Dental Assistant in June 2005. She is an asset to our dental team. Being a former dentist in Mexico, Lolita fully understands the variety of fear and phobia among some patients and is able to alleviate such uncomfortable feelings during the first visit in our dental office. She always has a warm and caring smile that ensures every patient's visit is a pleasant one. Lolita is fluent in speaking Spanish and English. In her spare time she enjoys reading books and hosting a multicultural radio program at Simon Fraser University.